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Ciel Antérieur

Chinese Characters and Daotong : Individual Achievement

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Online class May 6th


Chinese writing is among the oldest in mankind and retains the advantage of having been preserved to this day despite the vicissitudes of history. Chinese characters originate from pictograms based on the observation of nature. Their invention and systematization is attributed to Cang Jie, minister of the Yellow Emperor, the father of Chinese civilization who is said to have reigned over 4,500 years ago.


There are 2 ways to approach Chinese characters:


  • With logic, using in particular the system of 214 radicals (or keys) that make up the characters.


  • With intuition, by feeling the energy of the characters used in Dao Tong 道統.


Xavier Garnier studied Chinese writing in China for 20 years through various traditional practices such as calligraphy or medicine and for 12 years in the practice and philosophy of Dao Tong. Currently based in France, each month he offers you the opportunity to walk through the central features of the Dao Tong philosophy by appealing to both your logic and your intuition in an interactive and dynamic online course (on Zoom).


This course is aimed at those who wish to discover the Dao Tong as well as those who wish to deepen the teaching of Audrey Kuan who studies the Dao Tong with President Wu (Wú Zōnglín 吳宗霖) of the Foundation of the Taiwan Plum Blossom.


A Chinese proverb says that meeting a Chinese character that you don't understand is like meeting a tiger on your way ! Come and rub yourselves against this thousand-year-old writing to better tame it!


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